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George Cruikshank illustration of a gin drinker

An evening of Victorian obsessions, passions and distractions, from the darker side of 19th Century Britain through theories about the true identity of Jack the Ripper, to the lighter side in the boom in entertainment, arts and culture. Dress to impress (or depress) if you wish in your favourite Victorian inspired fashions!

6:15pm The Collection 10 per ticket
Old book and lamp

There’s murder most foul in this two-part author event with Claire Harman on a true crime murder that shocked Victorian London, and the thrilling new novel by Ambrose Parry (aka Chris Brookmyre and Dr Marisa Haetzman) about the hunt for a killer in 1847 Edinburgh.

6:15pm The Collection 10 per ticket
Queen Victoria

This two-part author event gets up close and personal with Queen Victoria, her subjects and acquaintances, as told through letters from the time. It also explores international affairs and the British Empire in the true stories of the Britons who set sail for India.

6:15pm The Collection 10 per ticket
Charlotte Bronte

Greats of Victorian literature fall into focus in this two-part afternoon event which explores the career of Alfred Tennyson and his relationship to Victoria and also reveals new research on the mysterious publisher who championed the brilliance of Charlotte Brontë.

3:00pm The Collection 10 per ticket
Ada Lovelace portrait

Victorian society embraced art, literature and science. In this two-part author event audiences can learn more about the mercurial mathematician Ada Lovelace, daughter of ‘mad, bad’ Lord Byron, and the influential art critic John Ruskin, contemporary of great artists of the age like JMW Turner.

6:15pm The Collection 10 per ticket