Flash Fiction Competition Winners 2021

Vintage typewriter

Winners of Lincoln Book Festival’s latest Flash Fiction Competition were announced at this year’s festival. Congratulations to our winners and runners-up. Our shortlisting panel and judges were so impressed with all the entries. Certificates and prizes (book vouchers) will soon be on their way to the winners.

Vintage typewriter


Winner – Through The Mirror’s View by Lois E

Seven lives. The narrow halls shudder and echo. Steamed up windows – no one can see in; no one can see out. The rustic paintings of the family before hang on the walls like masks, no expression. The mirrors shattered, blinded by the horrors they witnessed: The murder of the Martins.

Runner-up – Hit and Run by Jessica B

He couldn’t help himself. It’d been done now, nothing could change it. Evidence was on him: blood, knives. It was his doing – it would stay his doing. Their surroundings were black. His clothes were red; the woman’s were too. Running would be his only option, so he ran far.

Runner-up –  Forest of Shadows by Hannah W

The forest was so sad now. And it won’t go back. The trees loom over the once happy ground, pouring a sea of dark shadows over the puddle of darkness – where the animals used to run free, where flowers used to blossom. And it was all because of her.

All three primary age category winners were from Witham St Hughs Academy, Lincolnshire. Huge thanks to all the pupils and staff at the school for their continued support for the competition – with special mention to Mrs Patmore!)


Winner – Across the River Styx by Sophie Harrison
The black water is already seeping in, choking the rowing boat with its long tendrils. As I swim, ripples surround me like so many tremors. My muscles are cramping. The river is as cold as a knife edge. Not quite as cold, though, as the body I have just sunk.


Winner –  Beep by Sarah Faulkner

12:34am. Beep. My eyelids rise like heavy, tasselled swags. Beep. Strange beep? I haul myself vertical. Beep. I stalk, ears pricked, trying to triangulate. Beep. Serrated shadows cut across my naked flesh. Omnidirectional beep? Beep. I frown, drop my gaze. Inside my navel a small, red light blinks on. Beep.

Runner-up – Eternal Triangle by JS Rogers
Two dead bodies. Each with pistol clutched in hand. Who killed whom? The detective sighed. She was his wife; the man, his loyal partner. Such a waste. He wished – his boss came in. ‘What have you done?’ A crash of gunfire. ‘He was mine,’ the detective heard, as he died.

Runner-up – ? – by Raymond Jones

Evening, he came home late and found her within herself, hunched in a ball uncontrollably weeping. He was taken aback and questioned why? She gave a brief garbled reason, he was perplexed, confused, she explained in greater detail, it was devastating earth shattering. Sat cuddled together, they wept a river.