Winners of the Lincoln Book Festival 2018 Flash Fiction Competition


The winners of the Lincoln Book Festival 2018 Flash Fiction Competition have been announced.

There were almost 200 entries submitted to this year’s content by writers from across the UK with Lincolnshire secondary schools in particular again taking up the challenge to produce ultra-short stories of exactly 50 words on the festival theme of revolution.

Congratulations to the winners and runners-up, whose stories were read aloud by festival chairman Phil Hamlyn Williams to a packed auditorium at the Lincoln Book Festival launch party, hosted at the Collection on Monday evening (24th September 2018).

Winners will receive a prize of £10 in book vouchers which will be sent by post to addresses provided (at no cost). Both winners and runners-up will receive a certificate.

Here are the winning stories below. Enjoy!

Age Group – Secondary

Winner: Amy Taylor

When Women Got The Vote

Fierce winds of anger. Sparks of hope. It began with something simple, evolving into something huge, until we were riding a swirling storm of rage. Surrounded by chaos there was no way but forward, rushing into danger. We’ve reached the eye of the storm, but there’s still far to go.

Age Group – Year 12+

Winner: Katie Blanchett

A chime in history

Time on the clock moves forwards but has continuously returned to the beginning. The first chime is ignorance followed by fear, and greed. As the clock hand reaches the time of acceptance, once again comes the first chime.

We seek a practically impossible change, yet, history returns to their ignorance.

Age Group – Adult

Winner: Kirsty Shaw


It began with a lone whisper. A whisper that soon turned into a thousand voices demanding to be heard. Voices that would not be hushed by threats, would not be quietened by those in power nor be silenced by violence. The voices of the fearless who forever changed our future.

The Runners-Up:

Secondary: Zach Abbott (The Tornado); Grace Pursey (Fighting for Peace).
Year 12+: Lewis Richardson (Morning Shower); Rowan Morgan (Revolver).
Adult: Josie Gowler (How The Revolution Ended); John Cooper (Stand up and March… Again)

Judges’ note: unfortunately we had a lack of entries from primary schools this year so an additional age category of Year 12+ was created between the Secondary and Adult age categories. Thank you to all those individuals and schools who took part this year. We value your feedback on how we can make the flash fiction competition fun and accessible for authors of all ages. Please send ideas to: