Explosive New Worlds – the second evening of the festival

A curious juxtaposition? To place one after another a journey through space-time and a journey over hazardous waters to a New World?

Marcus Chown’s THE ASCENT OF GRAVITY explains why the force that keeps our feet on the ground holds the key to understanding time and the origin of the universe. He led the audience, with witty analogies, through some complex science to a basic understanding of the concept of space-time and gravitational waves. We were enthralled.

Marcus Chown

In THE MAYFLOWER GENERATION Rebecca Fraser tells the epic story of one family’s flight from England, the background to why they left and the new life they forged in America. She offered the audience a new perspective on a classic story by showing the very human people behind what has become a part of the founding of America: details of domestic life in 17th century, histories of brave and vocal Puritan women and the sometimes violent contradictions between the beliefs of fathers and sons as they made the painful decisions which determined their future in America. We were enchanted.

Rebecca Fraser

Our speakers listen to each other’s talks. The Featured image shows Rebecca taken aback by something Marcus said.